New Client Consultation - Free

All new clients must complete a consultation before training services can be scheduled. This in-home consultation is designed to give you an opportunity to meet the trainer, ask questions, share concerns, discuss training goals and expectations, and provide a behavior history to the trainer. During the consultation the trainer will evaluate your dog to determine the best training plan for your dog and your family.

Private Training $105/Hour

Individualized training for your dog, perfect for addressing behavior modification and basic obedience. These sessions can be done in your home and in other public places as needed. Each session is 1 hour long and costs $105 per hour. There is an additional $15 travel fee for locations that require more than 20 minutes of drive time.

two week training academy (18 Days) $3000

Board & Train or Bootcamp style training. Your dog lives in the trainer's home for 18 days of intensive private training. This program includes 3 follow up private training sessions to ensure the family learns everything that they need to know to be successful maintaining their dog's training.

aggression rehabilitation $175/hour

Individualized training, management, and behavior modification for dogs who have a known bite history towards humans or animals. Appropriate for dogs who have demonstrated a level 1, 2, or 3 bite. Can include Fear Aggression, Predatory Aggression, Territorial Aggression, Protective Aggression, Intra-household Aggression, Redirected Aggression, and Resource Guarding. 

3 hour training day out $275

This program includes transportation from your house, 3 hours of structured training and socialization with the trainer at various places around town, and transportation back to your house. This is perfect for the dog who needs a little extra socialization to help jumpstart their training or for the busy family who needs help mentally and physically working their dog while they are busy doing other things.